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by Ultra Safety System

Tef-Gel is a specially formulated waterproof paste that has many uses including;

    • Eliminating the seizing and galling of dissimilar metals'
    • Prevention of galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals'
  • Lubrication that will not break down in salt water or detergent
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by Ultra Safety System


These pump switches remain sealed from moisture, and come in three sizes: mini, junior, and senior. These are 12 volts, 24 volts, and 32 volts, respectively. Each is a commercial switch with extra lead wires, adhesive butt slices, and capabilities. Power Boat Magazine gave it a glowing review after testing six switches.

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South Florida’s best kept secret! This vinegar based sauce is a brilliant balance of herbs and spices. It's great on ribs, chicken, and is the perfect addition to every weekend cookout. Its unique flavor will keep you coming back for more. The original recipe was found in 1905 by Norris Nelson. He has been treating the world to his grandfather's mouthwatering sauce, and it has been a much tastier place ever since!

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Contact Rg Products. We offer tef-gel, an ultra safety pump switch and also a great blue front BBQ Sauce. We are Located in Jupiter, FL call us now or visit our website today!

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